Our Products and Services

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Our Products and Services

Currently, our company offers a large number of products in electrical engineering and software development. Tracking global trends is a priority for us, so we regularly participate in world exhibitions to discover new trends in production that we can put into practice.

Slot machines

Our company produces three types of software: MAGIC ULTRA SLOT, MIDA and, the newest, GEMATIC RED. Slot machine software can be mounted in various types of cabinets, such as MATRIX, DUAL, TRIPLE, and NEON, and into the latest models, SLAN TOP LUXURY and SLAN TOP LUXURY PLUS, which include quality leather armchair with integrated controls and speakers for the best player comfort. The SLAN TOP LUXURY PLUS model can be equipped with an upper screen up to 60” in size.

Video lottery systems

In the field of video lottery terminals, we offer two solutions at this time: MAGIC LOTERRY TERMINAL II and MAGIC LOTERRY TERMINAL III. Both these lottery systems can be fitted into one of our cabinets. Your own cabinets can be equipped with our system as well.

Other products

Product development, from the initial drawing to the actual implementation, is an important part of our company. This focus allows us to expand our product portfolio and offer products to the wider public. Products that we are targeting at new markets include information kiosks, Internet terminals, sports-betting terminals and vending machines.


Game development is one component of a long-term know-how of our company. In the past, we mainly edited the software of our business partners to meet local specificities and legal requirements. Now, we offer our own games in several varieties: slot machines, video lottery systems and online gaming. Go to for more information.